Saturday, November 30, 2013

My very first collection

I proudly present to you: My very first mini collection. This was my project for the end of the year at my university. The pictures were taken on the fashion show that took place last week in the CMD (Centro Metropolitano de Diseño). My inspirations were clear, geometrical, almost architectural lines, which contrast to the prints (inspired by A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess). I focused on the colors silver and white, and combined them with transparencies.
//Acá les presento: Mi primer mini colección. Este fue mi proyecto para el final del año en mi universidad (estoy estudiando diseño de indumentaria). Las fotos fueron sacadas en el desfile de la semana pasada, que se realizó en el CMD (Centro Metropolitano de Diseño). Mis inspiraciones fueron las lineas rectas y geométricas, casi arquitectónicas,  que están en contraste con los estampados, inspirados por la naranja mecánica de Anthony Burgess. Puse enfoque en el blanco y el plateado, y combine estos con transparencias.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Experiment: The Pinhole Camera

Last weekend I started a pretty interesting experiment: The Pinhole Camera.

You can create a Pinhole camera all by yourself, but I decided to try it out for the first time in a much easier way, just using my DSRL camera and replacing the objective by a pinhole. There are several links on the internet explaining you how to do this, and it is actually really easy and fast: All you need is a thick cardboard, some aluminum foil, black paint and something to make a hole into the cardboard (I used a nail).

Here are good links explaining how to do this:

They always tell you to use your body cap and make a hole into it, but I really didn't want to "destroy" my only body cap, so I just tried it out with a cardboard and surprisingly, it works.

The size of the pinhole I did was about 3mm, but I am planning to try different pinhole sizes in the future, since the only thing I am going to need is different cardboards. I took all the pictures on a very sunny day and when the sun was the highest, but I think it is also possible to take the pictures with less light if you experiment a little bit with the pinhole size, ISO and shutter speed. The pictures are all a little blurred and I am sure you can have much better results if you experiment a little bit more, so (hopefully) much better pictures are coming soon! 

P.D. Para los que vivan en Buenos Aires: Aviso medio a ultimo momento, pero mañana a las 19.00 hs es el desfile de muestra de mi Universidad en el Centro Metropolitano de Diseño (CMD). En el caso que haya alguien interesado en venir, pongan un comentario y podemos arreglar para que les mande la invitación! :)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Simple Ring DIY

Siento que les debo una disculpa por estar tan desaparecida en último tiempo. Podría decir que estuve muy ocupada con el desfile de la facultad que se esta por venir, o lo que sea, pero la verdad es que si tuve tiempo libre como para ponerme a escribir un blogpost, simplemente me estuve dedicando a otras cosas. Pero ahora si, acá estoy con un DIY que la verdad que es tan simple que considere seriamente si postearlo o no, pero quizás a alguno le sirve como inspiración. Las piedras que estoy usando las compre en la feria de artesanías de la que hable en un post de hace un tiempo.

// I feel like I have to apologize, since I haven't posted something for so long. I could me telling you that I have been busy for the fashion show that is coming up, but to be honest I actually had time, but have been doing other stuff. But now here is a DIY for two simple Rings. It is so easy that I really didn't know if I should upload this, but maybe it serves as an inspiration. I bought the crystal stones in a flea market some time ago.

Este es el primer anillo. Simplemente pegue la piedra a un anillo de una mercería. Eso es todo.
// For this ring I just glued the stone to a ring. Yes, that simple.

Para el segundo anillo elegí una piedra que entraba justo adentro de una de esas argollas plateadas que se pueden conseguir en las mercerías. Metí la piedra adentro de la argolla y después pegue la argolla al anillo con la gotita. 

// For the second Ring, I used a stone that had the perfect size in order to fit into a little jump ring. I just placed the stone inside of the jump ring and then glued it to the ring with super glue.