Monday, April 21, 2014

Tavi is my Queen

“I think the question of what makes a strong female character often goes misinterpreted, and instead we get these two-dimensional superwomen who maybe have one quality that’s played up a lot, like a Catwoman type, or she plays her sexuality up a lot, and it’s seen as power. But they’re not strong characters who happen to be female. They’re completely flat, and they’re basically cardboard characters. The problem with this is that then people expect women to be that easy to understand, and women are mad at themselves for not being that simple, when, in actuality, women are complicated, women are multifaceted — not because women are crazy, but because people are crazy, and women happen to be people." - Tavi Gevinson 
“I realized recently that when we think about personal identity, when we imagine ourselves, we picture ourselves from the outside. You see your face and your body through the world’s eyes instead of what to me is a more accurate representation of who you are, and that’s the world through your eyes. […] When I feel purely a set of eyes I’m at my happiest.”
Tavi Gevinson
Pictures from tumblr. 

I should actually be reading for university right now, but instead I find myself browsing through one my favorite websites: Rookie Mag.
Even if this online magazine, founded by writer, magazine editor, actress and singer Tavi Gevinson (17!) is supposed to be for young teenagers, I feel very touched by its content. The layout is beautiful, the articles are interesting and often very deep and the images are incredibly inspiring. I think I have been following Tavi Gevinson since her early beginnings at her blog when she was only about eleven years old, and she has been a huge inspiration and role model for myself (which is an odd thing to say, considering she is three years younger than me, but she has achieved so much already!). I think she addresses a lot of subjects our generation is dealing with right now, specially young women.
Anyways, I should really get back to my university readings now, so excuse me that I won't be able to translate this into spanish.
Les deseo una linda semana!



  1. I can't believe that someone like Tavi is only seventeen, (like me, almost), shes suuuuper inteligent, I admire her.
    She's a truly queen.

  2. Ay dios, tiene mi edad y mirá todo lo que hizo. Me da pena por ella porque a los 13 ya hablaba como una adulta, es muy madura y tal vez haya quemado un poco etapas (a mi opinión), pero no deja de ser un bocho eh... Me encantó lo primero que dijo. Cuando leí que estaba en inglés me dio como una vaganciaaa jajaja pero lo leí ;)

  3. Tavi es la mejor role model del universo. Estoy en búsqueda de sus yearbooks hace años pero no los traen al país :(
    Y pensar que solo tiene 17 años... Es muy grosa.


  4. LA AMO!
    Al igual que Lu, estoy tratando de conseguir los Rookie Yearbook 1 y 2, pero me dijeron que tampoco están dejando entrar libros al país! :( bad luck
    Que termines bien tu día!

    Ivi || The Closet blog

  5. Tengo como una relacion amor/odio con Tavi. No me peguen. Me parece una piba de lo más inteligente pero hay cosas que no me cierran. No se. Además de que soy insportablemente envidiosa. De todas formas la re admiro!
    mortem blonde

  6. Esta piba me hace sentir como una boluda. No puede ser tan culta y tan pendeja. Pura envidia.
    Y aunque ya llevo bien pasados los 20, los artículos que escribe siguen siendo geniales, sin importar la edad.