Thursday, August 14, 2014

Learning how to draw/ paint and some inpsiration

I have never seen myself as a talented drawer or painter whatsoever.
As a kid I used to paint a lot and I love seeing the things I used to do, as there is something really beautiful about childhood drawings, they are done with innocence, without having this haunting idea of what the final work needs to look like, without putting to much head in it. 

As I grew older, I really lost my confidence about my drawing skills (mainly because puberty and some not so encouraging teachers...) and besides one or another try to resume the habit (resulting in some really awkward anime drawings I shall never show anyone) I never really started again.

This was until recently, when I decided that it was definitely time to learn how to draw properly, since I was about to start to study Fashion Design and I really needed to improve. And now- about a year after - hardly a day goes by where I don't paint, draw or at least look up paintings and artists for inspiration. I feel like  drawing is something really personal, and therefore I am hardly ever happy with the result (there is nothing worse than comparing your work to the one of other people, and I do that constantly). Nevertheless it is also incredibly rewarding to be able to reflect all these ideas on a paper, to see how you can create something new out of nothing.

Since I started to practice more and more, I feel like the way of seeing the world around me changed completely: Everything is made out of shapes, lines, curves, contrasting and complementary colors, which I never had seen before that clearly. Last week I went to the MAMBA (Museo de Arte Moderno Buenos Aires) in San Telmo and I got so much pleasure out of the artist's works, the beauty or idea behind it. 

So in that spirit, here is a little list of some artists  that I really like; they are not categorized but simply here because I enjoy their work for various reasons, and I thought maybe you would enjoy them too. :)

/1 Banksy - graffiti artist
/2 Jesse Draxler - artist, illustrator and designer
/3 John Singer Sargent - painter
/4 Chamo San - illustrator
/5 Gerhard Richter - visual artist
/6 Marina Decaro - argentinian artist
/7 Ray Pettibon - artist known for his comic- like drawings

 Are you into drawing/ painting or some other sort of art? Are there any artists you would like to recommend?

p.d. Mañana voy a estar yendo a la BAF a sacar un par de fotos y ver que onda el evento, en los próximos días les ire contando! :) (Y para mas fotos de los días anteriores les recomiendo que se fijen en los blogs de la blogosphere!)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Do it Yourself: Quick 5 Minutes Geometric Print for T-shirts

Here it is, my first proper youtube video. Yesterday I spend all day editing (I must admit that I got a little obsessed) but I am really happy with the result. It was incredibly fun (even if a little frustrating at times, but only because of my lack of knowledge with imovie) so more videos are definitely coming up! I won't be talking in them though (at least for the time being), I am just way to scared to do that.

This Do it Yourself is a really quick geometric print for t-shirts (as well as bags or whatever you want to make - I feel like it would also look really cool on a tote bag). You can chose whatever shape you prefer (I did another one with a triangle).

I think the video is pretty clear but in case something wasn't, here are some quick instructions:

/1 Materials needed: Ruler, pencil, tape, shirt (or bag), textile marker
/2 Draw the shape you want to make
/3 Put carefully tape around your shape
/4 Place a carton inside the shirt to avoid the marker to transfer
/5 Start drawing vertical lines - they don't need to be perfect
/6 Remove the tape

By the way I am currently having an obsession with the kind of curled up sleeves on oversized t-shirts like the one on my video, so I have been wearing this shirt literally for three days in a row now (I know that is kind of gross but meh) and now I am desperately looking for a version of the same-style tee but with marine (blue and white) stripes. So if you happen to know where I can find something like this, let me know! :) And since this is the first video I made and I am trying to learn as much as posible from the experience, any constructive criticism is also very welcome!


Acá esta mi primer video de youtube. Ayer pase literal todo el día editando (debo admitir que termine volviéndome medio obsesiva con el tema) pero la verdad es que estoy muy contenta con el resultado, especialmente porque es la primera vez que edito. Me divertí muchísimo (a pesar de alguna que otra frustración, mas que nada porque no tenia la mas mínima idea de como usar imovie). Seguro que voy a estar haciendo mas videos! Por el momento no voy a hablar, me da mucha vergüenza.

Este DIY es para hacer un estampado geométrico para remeras de manera super simple (también puede quedar muy bien en bolsos, como la tote bag). Yo elegí usar un rombo pero podes usar cualquier forma que te guste (hice otra con un triángulo).

Creo que las instrucciones están bastante claras pero en el caso que algo no lo sea, acá un mini resumen:

/1 Materiales: regla, lápiz, cinta, remera (o bolso), marcador textil
/2 Dibuja la forma que elijas
/3 Coloca la cinta alrededor
/4 Mete un carton en la remera para evitar que el marcador se traspase
/5 Dibuja lineas verticales - no tienen que ser perfectas
/6 Remove la cinta - listo!

Estoy teniendo medio una obsesión con remeras grandes con las mangas arremangadas como la del video, así que estuve usando esta remera literal por tres días seguidos y ahora estoy buscando desesperadamente una remera del mismo estilo pero con rayas azules y blancas (onda marinero). Así que si es una de esas casualidades tenes idea donde puedo llegar a conseguir algo así, contame! :) Y ya que este es mi primer video, cualquier tipo de critica constructiva es bienvenida!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Changes & Updates

Picture from Tumblr. 

Hey! Here I am again. A lot happened since the last time I showed up on my blog, which was more than two months ago. During the last couple of weeks one big idea has been growing inside me and started to take more and more shape: I am looking for other universities outside Argentina, seeing what I can find, where I can see myself and what I can and cannot afford. A new change in my life - maybe, if I decide to jump. I actually feel like I am in this big loophole of nothing and I have no idea what lies before me. I change my mind every minute or so, start to get really exited about the idea of moving out, living alone on the other side of the globe, and suddenly I get overwhelmed by doubts and fear. I guess it is impossible to know which will be the best decision, and the only thing I can do is to try. Being a grown up is kind of terrifying and incredibly exciting at the same time.

I decided to give this blog a completely new approach. I realized that I used to create content based on what I thought the readers might find interesting - but on the meantime I completely forgot to enjoy the process. I ended up pushing myself into it, always trying to guess what the reaction of the person on the other line might be. The only thing it really led me to, was that I lost the pleasure of blogging, which used to be something I really really enjoyed. So from now on this will be a lot more personal, random and will probably have a lot more grammatical errors (sorry). I will also write in three languages (spanish, german and english); sometimes there will be a translation  and sometimes there wont't be one. I just want to make this blog really my own, I want to connect with people around the globe,  share actual ideas and thoughts. So if there won't be anyone left reading the stuff I write, it will be also ok. 

So, this is all I have to say for now. I wish you all a nice weekend! It is nice to be back. 

P.S. For the people who asked in the comments and in case someone is still interested: I named my blog Mucculunga because that's what my father used to call me when I was little (yes I know, weird, but my younger brother was Muck so I was Mucculunga). Mucculunga is some sort of "childhood nickname" - the double c (MuCCulunga) is just for aesthetic reasons.